Consultant Capabilities

VisionSoft provides the technology, people, processes, and community-creation platform that supports Credit Card enterprise from top to bottom.

VisionSoft has experience in all VisionPlus Modules (ASM,CMS,MBS,TRAMS,ITS,CDM,FAS,CTA and SSC) and Base 2000 modules (TBS,TCS,TMS,GL Interface)
VisionSoft has extensive worldwide experience and managing and delivering successful conversions on time and on budget.
VisionSoft has been responsible for the development and implementation of government compliance (region specific) and MasterCard/Visa compliance changes. These implementations have involved community testing and if required member online certification.
VisionSoft has developed many enhanced features to add on to the existing base systems to provide additional functionality while ensuring Vendor standards are followed to accommodate maintainability of the existing software.

VisionSoft Team Roles and Responsibilities

Project Manager

In this role the Project Manager will assist in overseeing all activities relating to the management of individual tasks that are necessary to complete the Migration. The focus of the Project Manager is to layout and manage the project plan and to ensure timely completion.

This manager will oversee the installation of the software, and manage modifications to any vendor source. This role will involve creating a detailed implementation plan for the actual Conversion with the area managers to ensure input is gathered from all required business and technical areas.

Technical Card Application Specialists

Our Card Application specialists work along side the Client�s IT resources to complete the System installation and shakedown testing. Also they assist with design modifications to the VisionPlus system. These resources can create the specifications for all interface requirements to enable the Clients�s resources to complete the coding.

Balancing and Business Analysis Specialist

Our Business Specialists work very closely with the Technical team assisting with design documentation, testing and implementation plans. This role enables the Business Specialists to create a strong link between the business and the technical teams providing a more rapid testing strategy to ensure projects met their scheduled deadlines. They also liase with the Strategy and Marketing teams to assist with strategy setting, planning and product definitions.

These resources also assist with analyzing conversion requirements and recommending any enhancements or corrections.